5 super offres pour partir à Pâques

vacances de pâques

Easter is in (almost) two weeks and the only thing everyone thinks is the three-day weekend! Three long days without work, three days where you can eat chocolate at will without being judged! Happiness what …

If you really want to break the routine and if this long weekend is for you the ideal opportunity to go in love, you fell well. We have selected for you the best Easter offers to escape the time of a weekend. Bye bye the routine, hello the adventure!



Geneva Easter weekend

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland. Located at the end of Lake Geneva, it is also the second largest financial center in the country, as well as the city that hosts the most international organizations in the world. The joyous Geneva is a city built on the west bank of the lake, with majestic mountains with snowy peaks in the background. The city is easy to explore on foot and you can rent a bike to venture into the surroundings. Do not miss the most beautiful sites of the city, including the lake and its famous fountain, the flower clock of the English Garden, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Wall of Reformers, Place Neuve and the birthplace of the Nations United.


How to get there ? Air France makes you enjoy exceptional prices! Go on a long weekend from AR 80 per person from Paris.

Where to stay? With up to 40% discount on your long weekends, Hotels.com offers you to spend 4 nights in Geneva for 338 €, or 169 € per person.

Dates: Saturday 26/03 – Wednesday 30/03

Holidays: 2 days to ask (Tuesday 29/03 and Wednesday 30/03)



Berlin weekend Easter

From its architecture to its fashion and its rich political history, Berlin is a city of avant-garde. The Berlin Wall is a sad reminder of the atmosphere that hovered over the city in the 1940s. Nevertheless, the wall, now covered with graffiti, has become a symbol of social progress. Discover during your long weekend the world clock, the Weltzeituhr or the famous Zur Letzten Instanz restaurant that dates back to the 16th century and counted Napoleon and Beethoven among its customers.


How to get there ? Lufthansa allows you to go on a long weekend in Berlin from 167 € AR per person from Nice.

Where to stay? Enjoy -10% if you are an Expedia memberand go 4 nights in Berlin for € 236, or € 118 per person!

Dates:  Thursday 24/03 – Monday 28/03

Holidays: 2 days to ask (Thursday 24/03 and Friday 25/03)



Budapest Easter weekend

Budapest … The city of spas offers an incredible bath of baths, ranging from the effervescent waters of the Gellert baths to the extensive Szechenyi Spa, Neobaric baths, and Rudas Spa, a spectacular Turkish bath. The Queen of the Danube is full of beauty, history and culture and will amaze you for a weekend … Do not forget to go through the Roman ruins of the Aquincum Museum, to visit the place Heroes and Park Statues, and climb into the dome of St. Stephen’s Basilica in Pest.


How to get there and where to stay? Expedia.com offers you extraordinary packages, flights and hotels included for AR 297 per person for 4 nights from Paris.

Dates:  Thursday 24/03 – Monday 28/03

Holidays: 2 days to ask (Thursday 24/03 and Friday 25/03)



Madrid easter

In Madrid, the castle-like buildings are so numerous that one would say that the city comes straight out of a fairy tale. Even the Town Hall, adorned with white pinnacles and neo-Gothic elements, will surprise you. If you want to explore the architecture on your own, start with the big bear and strawberry statue on the Puerta del Sol square in the city center. Take a tour of the Royal Palace district before being immersed in the natural beauty of the Retiro Park, followed by a visit to one of the many museums in the city. And at the end of each day, relax in front of a good paella!


How to get there ? Iberia will take you to Madrid for 107  AR per person from Paris.

Where to stay? Hotels.com offers you a weekend in Madrid for 286 €, that is 143 € per person!

Dates: Friday 25/03 – Sunday 27/03

Holidays: 1/2 day (Friday 25/03)



biarritz weekend

A seaside resort in the South West of France, Biarritz was once the favorite holiday resort of the nobility. It is today the European capital of surfing. In Biarritz, you will not find the luxury or glitz of the Côte d’Azur, but you will meet both chic and affluent vacationers and surfers in flip flops, and you will hear French, Spanish and Basque. The Grande Plage is the real center of attraction of the city. Just behind, visit the restored Art Deco Biarritz Casino, and stroll the streets to the old harbor, to the west.


How to get there ? The SNCF offers a departure from Paris to 188 € per person, a departure from Bordeaux to 61 € or a departure from Nice to 153 €

Where to stay? Hotels.com recommends a weekend in Biarritz for 295 €, or 147 € per person.

Dates: Friday 25/03 – Monday 28/03

Holidays: 1 day (Friday 25/03)

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